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I work from private consulting rooms in Cotham (BS6) and Greenbank (BS5), Bristol.

The Cotham consulting room is a ten-minute walk from Redland train station and on the 8/9 bus route. On Street parking (9am – 5pm) costs £1/hour.

The Greenbank consulting room has unrestricted on street parking and is a ten-minute walk from Stapleton Road train station. A cat lives in the building, so it may be unsuitable for those with allergies.

Being physically present feels important to the work, but I will consider working over Skype if:

  • We have an established face to face relationship and use Skype occasionally as a means of maintaining continuity while you travel
  • You have difficulty finding appropriate face to face support locally, or have mobility restrictions that prevent you otherwise accessing psychotherapy

Access: Both consulting rooms are up a flight of steps/stairs. Where this presents a problem, I can accommodate clients on the ground floor in Greenbank.


My standard fee for individuals is £50 per 50 minute session. 

I charge for missed sessions, but if you give me notice (at least one week), I will try to offer you an alternate time in the same week, or a second session in the following week.

Initial consultation sessions are charged at £25 to cover room hire and administrative costs.

For concessionary rates, please ask.

Sessions are payable by cash, cheque or bank transfer, during, or in advance of each session.

For professional/organisational rates – please enquire.

Frequency & Duration

I usually expect to see clients weekly, at the same time each week. The work is open-ended, meaning it continues for as long as you want or need it. This may be just a few sessions to help you with a specific challenge, or it may be something you stay with over a longer period.

In our initial meeting (50 minutes) I would expect to talk about you and why you are seeking therapy at this time.  I will provide more information about how I work and together we can decide if we feel happy to work together.

Medical Diagnostics & Interventions

As a psychotherapist, I work with people, not conditions. I am not medically qualified and I do not prescribe medication or medically diagnose my clients. However, I do work with clients who have received psychiatric diagnoses and/or use medication and psychotherapy is compatible with most medical treatment.

Psychometric Testing & Structured Treatment Modalities

While I have training in psychometric testing for research purposes, I do not use tests or questionnaires in my practice either as prompts for dialogue or to track progress. In my view, such testing runs contrary to the spirit and essential purpose of psychotherapy, which is to support and enable personally meaningful development by allowing autonomous self-reflection and self-evaluation to take place, without reliance on external measures of what is normal, healthy or desirable.

Similarly, I generally avoid the use of structured treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, mindfulness-based approaches or Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy. I aim to support clients in a more self-directed process of unearthing latent knowledge and crucially, taking control by making changes of your own choosing, in your own way, and at your own pace. I am happy to share principles and techniques coming from these approaches, as and when they may apply, and to work with ideas clients find in other contexts and which they would like to explore in therapy. The exception to this is Motivational Interviewing, which aims to work with clients’ own ambition to change and thus makes a better fit with my overall treatment ethos.

Drugs & Alcohol

Many people ‘self-medicate’ using drugs or alcohol. I encourage honest and open discussion of drug and alcohol use so that the role substances play in clients’ lives can be explored and understood. I do not condone or condemn use, but where it is heavy and persistent, open-ended psychotherapy may not be effective unless and until addiction is brought under control.


All sessions are confidential. I will only break confidentiality if I believe there is a specific and imminent danger to you or someone else, or if required by court order. Even in these circumstances I will discuss it with you first.